Business Cards

While the digital world has replace many traditional printed products and despite all the technological advancements that the world has gone through, the simple business cards plays a key part in today’s tactile world.

The business card is usually the first thing a prospective customer engages with which represents your company’s brand. It conveys important clues about your Company such as contact details  but often it is also the first exposure to the overall image of your business. The company’s logo should be memorable and prominently displayed for brand identity. The style of fonts, colour, texture and paper stock and texture all convey messages about your Business.

Specialized printing techniques such as embossing, foiling, thermography, lamination UV Varnish etc. all reflect on the personality of your Business. 

With the rise of global working opportunities, doing business overseas is increasing and the role of Business cards are not only necessary but important in many business cultures. 

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Contemporary or Classic? 

With all of the increasing options for creating a design for  business cards with special materials, finishes, die-cutting etc  the opportunity represent a leading edge company has never been easier. Sometimes using different substrates like wood, metal or acylic with rounded corners can create a unique look and feel.

This is a great way to stand out especially when Networking.


If you’re a company that sells musical instruments, your business card deserves to have an unorthodox shape. Industry-specific cards do not require the visual aesthetics of a formal card. 

If you’re looking for a business card that will express the philosophy of your organization, your profession, or your personality, PRD Print is a place where you will find the right fonts, colours, shapes, and sizes.