Printing Products

PRINT is just one piece of the Communication Strategy that should be used to engage effectively with your Clients.  To do this we cover the following process based on the Clients specific brief and/or requirements          

  • We get to understand the Clients  needs and plan a suitable tactile PRINT engagement Strategy around a printed product or service.
  • Products can range from Cards, Brochures, Flyer, Magazines, Calenders,  Books to Direct Mail and a range of mailing solutions.
  • Promotion Products grouped by Product and Business types also form part of our Marketing and Communication matrix.
  • Our Services include Graphic Design as an integral process which we manage to ensure the images and Print files are set up for Proofing and Print to suit any type of print required.
  • You may also need new or updated Branding and Logos so we have a wide range of indoor and Outdoor Signage solutions to draw from as well as updating Marketing Collateral both digital and Print

Case Study

Design , Print and deliver a new Product & Service


A client in the Auto repair segment had a specific type of New Service & Repair offer  they wanted to promote to a NEW potential clients base in a 10KM radius of their Business location.


We created new Marketing flyers for a specific Persona  that fitted the criteria of the Clients target market.  Using demographic and psychographic data we created a mail list that matched the appropriate residential profile resulting in a laser focus on the Ideas Client and resulting improved ROI and a major saving in print and distribution cost.

If you would like to run a project or an idea past us please Contact us via the form below or give us a call and we will get right back to you.

Printing Guide & Solutions