Printing Guide & Solutions

The printing process has many “moving parts” many of which are unseen, unknown and not obvious to the average Print consumer. Our job is to guide the Client through the Creative process even though they may think they have a print ready file????

Certain file types are not suitable for Printing quality products.

There are also many Colour types that if not suited to the actual Printing process, need to be converted or calibrated to achieve the desired colour when printed. The choice of paper for Flyers and Brochures also has an influence on the printed colour, especially when you compare uncoated vs coated and matt or gloss stocks. Each type of paper has a role to play in the desired look and feel of the end product so the right selection is important.

Printing Guide & Solutions | Kincumber, NSW | Prd print

The next step in the Print process is embellishment. This is widely used in Business cards and high end Brochures, Booklets, Invitations which involves foiling, embossing, raised print, die cutting to name a few.

Finally the type of folding and binding used with multipage documents like Catalogues, Magazines and Manuals require consideration depending on the application and intended use.

Don’t try to second guess HOW the printing process works, as you are only a phone call away when contacting us at PRD Print to create your best solution.